Sumptuous ‘French Inspired’ Sectional

Sumptuous ‘French Inspired’ Sectional

This custom sectional  is not only a showstopper, it’s story has all the intrigue of watching a 1950’s late night Film Noir while sitting on it in my clients upstairs Media Room!

The story begins with a phone call… They have moved in to their newly built home here in Victoria,  I came highly recommended by another designer and … would I be able to find out more about a ghost sectional which was ordered quite a while ago. Hmm-mm, not my usual design request, but as her story unfolds… They are from Calgary and found this beautiful store, had ordered many custom items which were produced for their home but the custom sofa has never shown up.  The latest from the owner of the store was the frame is made and they were now just waiting for the fabric to arrive.   Having heard a few behind the scenes murmurs, I tactfully take on this unusual design assignment.

Living as a designer on the island for many years, I made a few discretionary phones calls to contacts from  local manufacturer’s in Victoria and further up island for any information which might lead me to whether this sofa frame has been started.  With no success in finding the frame, I decide to follow the trail of the fabric…again the client is out of luck, as there is no record of fabric being ordered either.  Ah, this is bad news!  I called the client with the information that to any one’s best knowledge this sectional was not ever and is not in production…

And now for the classic Film Noir twist, a happy ending to this mystery intrigue |  the store is no longer open | the client’s eventually receive their deposit back | AND I was hired to design and deliver this sumptuous ‘French Inspired’ sectional now sitting in my very happy and fabulous client’s media room.  [For Details Click ‘Behind the Scenes’]  Having restored our City’s custom  design furniture reputation, I am sitting  in my office with my cup of  ‘Hoodoo Jo’ recording this story and working on my next design assignment…

Yours truly, Colleen Buker – Designer Detective

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