It takes a long time to become young :  Pablo Picasso

It takes a long time to become young : Pablo Picasso

My first introduction to ‘Aging in Place’ was in 2009 when a family and their father, who had  turned 80, hired me to re-design the interior of his home.  It turned out to be such a success not only in updating the interior to current design elements, but also the window it opened to an awareness of how  this experience  renewed his spirit.  It became a life interest story in Victoria’s local newspaper, The Times Colonist, and to our surprise was picked up as a story in other major newspapers across Canada.   I ran into John this last December at a mayoral campaign meeting and he was still pleased about that. 

Since then I have been involved in more Aging in Place stories.  It is a current and significant subject, and yes, as long as it takes to become young, it will take a little more time to write about the experience I am gaining designing for these fabulous clients.  So look for more from me on this subject in the future .  

In the meantime this well-known actor has done a great deal of homework and will engage you with her “Third Act” on Aging.  Watch this significant and fabulous TED presentation by Jane Fonda. You will be glad you did! -cb

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  1. Barbara Latham says:

    I so hope you are back in Victoria sometimes……


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