Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging Your Home For Sale

Where do you begin???!!

The first step in getting your home ready for sale is to have an independent assessment of  how well your home presents itself.    Designers and Home Stager’s are experts in their field; they bring their “outside of the box” perspective; view your space with a trained eye, and will give you realistic sage advice’.    Home Stager’s pare down your own furnishings or bring in new furnishings  giving your home a refreshed updated look.  However, if the paint colors need to be changed or you need to update  the kitchen, bath, or flooring,  hiring a Designer is money well spent.    Many Real Estate offices have preferred lists they can suggest to you.  Either way,  expect to  set aside a reasonable budget for the refreshment of your space.

“Operation De Clutter”

Don’t expect “Operation De Clutter” to be accomplished the week you list your home.   You should start 4 to 6 months earlier and plan what goes and what to hold on to.  Remember, this is a cleansing!  Remove objects that are no longer useful and are dated.   Why spend  extra dollars packing and moving things that won’t fit in the new space!

Make a List under these headings


Donate or ReCycle



Remove “Tchotchkes”!   You know, those beloved collections! 

Even if you love your sock monkey collection realize others may not appreciate your fine sense of quality sock monkey’s!

Love my Sock Monkey!


Pat yourself on the back for all the work you have done!!

Oh, oh!  One more Check List!!

I know, right now you are wishing  a marathon of sock monkeys run over me and my laptop keyboard!  Look on the bright side; some of this may have already been taken care of.

  • Do an in depth cleaning of every area in your home, blinds included
  • Have existing carpets cleaned by a professional company
  • Organize interior cupboards in the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms
  • Pack clothing from closets that is not relevant to the season – you are going to have to do this anyway
  • Remove family pictures; do not distract the buyer by having them think about you in the house
  • Bookcases should be one third books, one third decorative, and one third space
  • Clean the interior and exterior windows
  • Organize the garage, people want to see they can fit a car or two in;  if you have boxes of stuff you are moving, rent a storage locker – Don’t fill the garage



Love it and List it!






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