Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Really?…Could there be that much difference from a stock chair ordered at a furniture store and a custom designed dining chair? 

In most cases a dining chair from a fine manufacturer will be a well designed and comfortable piece, but the dynamics which inspired these clients to seek a custom designed dining chair were their differentiating heights.  With Al topping 6’4″ and Pat a diminutive  5’0″,  the design task was to create an elegant modern lined dining chair which would be comfortable for the both of them, the in-between family members, and if that seemed impossible, add one more variable, all their friends.  Alright guys, quite a tall order!

[ Sorry Al, couldn’t resist…] 

No, we did not host a party, subversively sneak behind everyone and drop a measuring tape.  Though that would make an interesting party theme.  The dimensions of a chair can vary slightly, but the height from the floor to the crown of the seat is roughly 18″ to 19″ .  The crucial area that made this chair work for both clients + their party of extras, was paying special attention to the lumbar area,  the height, and curve to the back.  In this case we took an extra step and created a test chair for Al and Pat to sit on. 

Did we get it right the first time?  Close;  a few adjustments to the padding in the lumbar area, a tweak to the curve of the back, and then as Kory Larsen says “paying special attention to the density level of the foam on the seat” so Al, the bigger guy, “did not crash down to the springs” and Pat, the smaller factor, “did not sit too high like a princess” with toes pointed.   One more try out before the final cut and this time the clients were both “sitting pretty” ready for Kory to build their six dining chairs. 

"Sitting Pretty" Dining Chair

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