Color Your Perfect Bedroom

Color Your Perfect Bedroom

Color does have the capacity to affect the senses in all kinds of ways and change how we feel, so can it be creatively used in a bedroom to reflect your inner color spirit as well as giving a sense of calm?

Since a bedroom is your sanctuary and should express you, why not “Poppy Red” or “Orange Tango” if it is your favorite color?

Pure ‘primary colors’ are clear, bright, and can energize interiors delivering a powerful message to our brains that can increase our heart rate much like exercise.  Contrasting colors of light and dark can also energize a space by intensifying each other causing a dramatic design statement.   Traditionally the more restful colors in a bedroom setting are soft blues, greens, or cremes.  Think of the Spa colors that have been so popular in the past few years and the moods they evoke.  Serenity . Calm . Harmony 

A  ‘monochromatic’ or one color scheme is one of the easiest types of color arrangements to live with for the long term.  The interest is achieved by the layering of one color in different densities and varying textures. But, let’s wake up this monochromatic room or you could risk falling into a never ending sleep!

In this client’s home, the bedroom below  was designed for out of town guests to stay and enjoy!  The ‘monochromatic’ layering of different textures and fabrics help create an interesting yet serene feel to the space, but with a few designer tips this room not only has a Serene feel it has color and drama to give it some POP!

  • Color schemes are more successful when they are enlivened with a hint of a second neutral color.  Note the subtle rose undertones.
  • Add dramatic black lamp shades on the bedside tables.  This repetitive color in the accent cushions on the bed and in the hand painted leaf  pattern with silver underlay on the bedside tables creates a connect the dot “natural flow” for the eye to follow.  ‘Enlivened and Dramatic’ this bedroom is ready for a focal point.
  • Fuchsia + Emerald Green!  Beautifully embroidered into a sensuous silk pillow. This  wakes me up with color!  Now I am both rested and awake!

A personal Elegant touch.. a natural colorful bouquet! Bedroom Heaven!

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