Trends 2013

Trends 2013

We are all influenced by Trends!  

From industrial design, to color, textiles, furniture and fashion, your world is shaped by a very specific group of forecasters.  They often are naturally intuitive, but in addition to their natural talent they are researchers who study the current state of the world, what has happened in the past during similar situations, and predict what the moods and desires of people in the upcoming future will be.  

Trend is often given a bad rap and is considered to be short lived.   However, Trend is a prevailing style, movement, or direction, with a shelf life of roughly 10 years.   Trendy, is a current or latest following, which if embraced, can evolve into a Trend.  This next Bad Boy is the one to be wary of… Fad, embraced enthusiastically then quickly disappears!  And unless that  mysterious guy you met last week with a wicked smile in a green suit (which disturbingly you found oddly stylish) mistakenly Tweeted where his pot of gold was hidden, it is best to invest in smaller items such as pillows, or paint a feature wall rather than purchase a sofa.

So where are we in design for recent emerging Trends?  The fading trend is the white neutrals of the impersonal hotel era.  We are in the mood for COLOR!   Bold and cheerful, balanced with classy gray as our neutral, layering patterns and textures, mixing metals gold and silver, crystal for glass, and introducing up-cycled traditional or rustic pieces to modern, creating an elegant chic style for our  2013 interiors. 

Design Trends

Mixing pattern and color – long gone is the impersonal “Hotel” Look!

Wallpaper –  This is the year to do it!

Gold Metals  – it is edging in for a big come back!  Don’t be afraid to mix it with other metals such as silver!

Bright Color!!  2012’s Tangerine Tango or 2013’s Emerald — Clean and playful they will lift the mood of any room!

Patterns – Floral – small or large, Stripes, Geometric,  – think Herringbone, but no longer just in suiting fabric!

Layers – spaces that look like they have evolved over the ages vs. contrived!

Vintage – “Up-Cycle” with renewed whimsy, refreshed color!

Statement light fixtures!

Hand-crafted – Large scale knit textures and embroidery are edging their way in!

Minimize Clutter!  Organize your collection! Only have what brings you JOY!

TREND/Crate & Barrel colorful outdoors

TREND/Crate & Barrel colorful outdoors










  1. Barbara Latham says:

    Colleen! Have you moved to Calgary? I am so disappointed not to be able to work with you on my next small project…..renovating my bedroom. Can you suggest anyone in Victoria who could help me/nudge me forward………a small job to be sure….but maybe someone would enjoy that?

    Barbara Latham

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