‘Behind the Scenes’ of a Custom Sectional

‘Behind the Scenes’ of a Custom Sectional

What exactly is inside the sofa, chair or sectional you are sitting on?  Welcome to the custom design world of bench- made furniture .   Let me take you through a ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour.

The starting point for designing this custom sectional, was to visit my clients at their home to get a sense of their decor elements.  With Bergere chairs, a marble bust of Marie Antoinette purchased from Montreal’s Antique Row, and a french motif hand carved Armoire graciously anchoring the living room I knew the theme was going to be ‘French inspired’.  My focus was to create a design that assimilated to the decor in the rest of my client’s home and stand up to  today’s needs.  A media room, modern made “Classic” to relax on while watching television.


the design sketch….

My intention for this sketch was not to be accurate in dimensional attributes but to derive elements from a traditional aesthetic and individualize it by softly tailoring rolled arms to flow over the subtle arched back.  Elegance with comfort.  Adding to these artistic nuances were the details or jewellery to complete the mood.  Individual hammered antiqued brass nailhead, custom crafted in-laid wood legs of black walnut and maple.   The final touch,  luxuriously wrapping the sumptuous feather cushions with dreamy mohair velvet fabric.


The next stage in the process was to contact my go to Victoria Custom Furniture ‘Guru’, Kory Larsen.  With my design sketch as the guide, Kory provided the clients with working drawings detailing the dimensions and scale.  After this was completed, we took the extra step to draw scaled cardboard cutouts of the sectional placing them in the clients room to visually see it in this space before any work on the actual piece was started.  It has to fit not only in design, but dimensionally, through every door, up the stairs, and most important of all, in the room it is being presented in.


What’s inside…kiln-dried hard wood, traditional 8-way hand tied springs, ultra-cell foam, and a whole lot of expertise…

Beautiful Leg Detailing…

Inspection time… Kory and I made sure we provided many opportunities for the client to visit their piece in production to discuss and see the stages of assembly.  Fit, comfort, height of interior cushions, feather wrap, etc. are critical in moving on to the upholstery stage.  We take great pride in our design expertise, but if any one of these elements are to be adjusted, the time to do this is before the fabric is cut.

Ready for my clients…

“Hey-THANK-YOU! Colleen. Every experience we have had with you has been wonderful! I’m so happy that other designer gave us your name. I would recommend you very highly to anyone,and will! Thanks for the photo, too-you do have a way with a camera,also. I’ll be able to show it to my friends in Calgary next week….So we have just finished dinner and when we get things cleaned up-guess where we are going?? Upstairs to watch TV,sitting(or laying)on our incredibly beautiful new sectional-designed by you!!”


Signed, sealed, and delivered…xxoo -colleen

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