Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

What was your favorite Christmas memory when you were a child? 

Mine was when I was 5 years old…  I have two older brothers who I would follow totally into the many adventures we would come up with on our rural property in Cape Breton.   It was Christmas Eve day 1960 when my oldest brother decided to stay awake hoping he could see Santa coming down the chimney.  Operation Santa went into effect later that night shortly after our parents went to sleep.  We crept down the stairs, each behind the other trying to be quiet like a mouse.  The stairs had a railing and a wall which we could hide behind as we carefully stepped down each stair.  When we reached the bottom we excitedly in our best whispering voices, debated who was going to be the first to look around the corner into the great room with its beach rock fireplace.   I was unanimously elected by both brothers.   If anyone was going to get caught by Santa being naughty, it was to be me.

We switched places.  It had been first my oldest brother, than second brother followed by me.  As I came from the back to the front I held my breath and peeked around the corner.  I saw him.   He was there.  Right by the fireplace.  Santa!  I quickly pulled my head back with eyes bright, turned and whispered “He’s There!”   Both my brothers scrambled over me to look,  me now at the bottom.   In retrospect Santa surely would have been aware of us by now, because in our excitement we were arguing as only brothers and a sister could.  “He’s not moving.” “I saw Him move!” “No way!” “Did he just move?”  My oldest brother, who my other brother and I have in later life tagged as “the captain”, decided to sneak in as we stayed crouched on the other side of the wall.  We heard a great commotion followed by a loud painful cry as, unknown to us “the captain” in the darkness had bumped his toe into his new truck.  Scrambling, finding the light switch, the light came on.  Before us and behind my older brother sitting on the floor holding his foot, was the magic of Christmas!  All thoughts of Santa disappearing from our heads, we didn’t notice the big black boot disappearing up the chimney.  Instead we saw with all its sparkle,  the most beautifully trimmed tree of colorful lights, ornaments, tons of tinsel, and to us the best of all.  Presents!!!!!

Mom and dad, after having just gotten into bed, heard the ruckus, came down, and we opened all our presents.  There were even ones for me.   To this day, our family tradition remains as my brothers, me, and our families continue to open our gifts on Christmas Eve.   And the designer Christmas tree?  From that night on it sparked my imagination and has been an inspiration ever since.


PS    Was it Santa?  Well, by the fireplace and patio door in the corner was a coat rack with my Dad’s hat and coat on it.  Or just maybe…


Wishing you and your families a Holiday Season filled with peace, joy, and wonderful memories!  -colleen













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