Natures Color Inspiration

Natures Color Inspiration

Walking with my Siberian husky, Mr. Taz the wonder dog and my i-phone, I captured this picture of the moon in an illimitable morning sky bordered by a receding fence line and a snow-covered track heading into the wild blue yonder…


Our eyes perceive different colors based on which light waves in the spectrum are reflected.  My client’s Georgian style home faced north/south on a western ridge rural property in Calgary.   The lighting conditions were in constant change as the prairie weather moods blew through influencing the color samples we painted on the walls in different areas of the home.  As the lighting conditions changed, the paint color that worked with the interior elements one moment would shift into a completely different tone in the next throwing the elements into turmoil.  A challenge for sure…this is when I started to observe the sky as I left at different times of the day and how it influenced the colors of the landscape.  Nature can be an inspiration for creating color palettes as was this photo I shot on an early morning dog walk.  Once I observed these changes from the outside to the inside it became clear how to make this Georgian beauty sitting on a contemporary prairie lot feel grounded to its property.  What I wanted to bring to this point of conjuncture as you entered, was the reflection of  historical notes, as if it was rooted in its Georgian architecture but still living in contemporary Calgary.


 Natures Inspiration Palette

“Take to the air with this dimensional, unleashed blue.  Like the sky, your possibilities are limitless…” B.M.

 ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ became the color for the north and east facing bedrooms.  Tranquil, breezy and cool toned it visually created a relaxing bedroom atmosphere receding the walls making the rooms seem larger; as limitless as an unleashed ‘wonder’ husky racing into the north-eastern sky.

Benjamin Moore Wild Blue YonderCSP-620Benjamin Moore “Wild Blue Yonder” CSP-620


“Underscored with earthly drama this deep velvety color in a flat sheen is as rich as its ‘Deep Caviar’ name infers…” C.B.

 From the subtle tranquility of the bedrooms into the boldly dramatic core atmosphere of the upper hall walk way leading down the ‘Grande’ stair case to the entry.   These deep brown black walls set the backdrop for a strong and dominant contemporary attitude framed by the architecture of the Georgian genre.

2130-20Benjamin Moore “Deep Caviar” 2130-20

“Balanced, a light beige that evokes comfort, alleviating stress…” G.P.

A cool neutral, ideal for main walls framing the views to the exterior of the natural landscape.  Blue skies, rocky mountains, snow-white plains, to summer days with the rustle of aspen tree leaves in the warm west wind.  Three hearts for this “Mexican Tea” stress reliever soothing the soul coming home after a long day in the hustle of the city.

General Paint Mexican TeaGeneral Paint “Mexican Tea” CL2883D

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