Furniture Design

Hey-THANK-YOU Colleen.Every experience we have had with you has been wonderful! I’m so happy that other designer gave us your name. I would recommend you very highly to anyone,and will! Thanks for the photo, too-you do have a way with a camera,also. I’ll be able to show it to my friends in Calgary next week….So we have just finished dinner and when we get things cleaned up-guess where we are going?? Upstairs to watch TV,sitting(or laying)on our incredibly beautiful new sectional-designed by you!!

Donna + Steve

Commercial Design

Hi Colleen,

Our lobby looks fantastic … it feels very “Mad Men” in here and it inspires drinking cocktails.


The MB Lobby Committee

Calgary Client’s… “911

Dear Colleen,

When I decided to renovate my 20 year old home, I didn’t know where to begin.  Although I had a general idea regarding what I wanted to achieve with my renovation (e.g., new flooring, paint scheme, and kitchen countertops), I was completely at a loss in terms of what materials and colours would work…

After preliminary work from Victoria, we decided you should fly to Calgary to research products and companies which could complete our project.  You started by researching several flooring companies in Calgary and then presented me with actual samples in the comfort of my own home.  I decided to have my flooring work completed by CDL Carpet and Floor Centre under the supervision of Tim Bruce.  Tim told me that he was extremely impressed with your design skills and if you ever decided to relocate to Calgary he could keep you extremely busy with client referrals.

You went on to recommend superb paint choices that truly made my house feel warm and inviting….new countertops, back splash tile and handles that would update the kitchen at a fraction of the cost.  The money I saved was put towards updating my bathrooms, a project that would add value to my home should I decide to sell.  Now my master bath ensuite is so luxurious that I feel like I’m at a posh spa!  Finally, updating the lighting fixtures through my house added the final polish to an amazing renovation.

After the structural renovation work was completed, you then came back and helped me decorate my new home.  This included shopping together with me to find furniture, window treatments, upholstery fabrics and accessories.  You then came to my house and put it all together.   The end result was nothing short of spectacular!

With your design expertise, the renovation of my home turned out even better than I had imagined.  I would not hesitate to contract your services again and to recommend your work to others.

                                    Pat + Betty

Marina Way, Sidney

Part One: The Beginning…   

Thank you very much for your detailed email which outlines the services you provide.  We are impressed with the substance contained therein.  Additionally, I have seen your work in Paul and Glenda’s home and I have reviewed your website… would be very pleased to meet with you in our home which will give you a sense of where we are and how we can move forward.  It will also give you an opportunity to see if the thought of decorating this house and working with us is something you would like to take on to the achieve the home’s maximum potential.  As you have mentioned, each home is unique and different and I personally feel with the right touches  and furniture selection this home can be something special  for ourselves, family friends and business associates.

Part Two: The middle…

 …Wow….I look back and think how far we have come and how pleased we are with how this house is coming along.  Again and always, I personally cannot thank you enough….your talent speaks volumes!

Part Three:  The end?  Not yet, but getting close…

First, in my opinion, (which has been long standing now) you and your business have no place to go but upward and beyond…You can be absolutely certain that I do and will promote your services to anyone that will listen and has a need.  I am not sure if I told you or not but our Real Estate Agent – Marilyn Ball – dropped in shortly before Christmas; she said and I quote – the entrance, living room and tree looked as if it was out of a decorating magazine! She was most impressed with the look of the entire house….I told her we are getting there…


Lorraine + Warren

 Condo – Victoria…love my second home!

Hi Colleen,

Oh my, what a wonderful treat to see our place.  It’s absolutely fabulous and even better than I’d dreamt.  I don’t know where to begin.  The kitchen/bath back splash is amazing…the color is great and can be accented in so many different ways. I like that the new cabinetry is the same in both areas yet the counters are different.  The bathroom is so spa-like and love all the accessories you chose.

Thanks for the letter and all the info and most of all for the wine…Charlie kept raising his glass in a toast to you for the amazingly beautiful results.  (luckily I’d brought my picnic pack with opener & glasses) *Interior designer note to herself: remember to add wine opener and glasses in second home Renos.  Aren’t the doors beautiful?  They are so sleek and chic…the closets are amazing.  I can’t believe the space….I wanted you to know how much we both appreciate your work, your incredible talent, your artistic flair, your willingness to take on this small project, and your determination as glitches arose.  We’re likely to head back on the 7th so may not see you this time.

Thanks again, Cheers!  Sheila + Charlie                                                



Aging in Place

Thanks for your Xmas greeting. Very nice of you to remember us. We certainly remember you! -We kept on “aging in place” by buying 6 wonderful new chairs for the Kitchen that quite resemble the ones we had had for 45 years; had Furniture Medic (Andy) redo the kitchen table to match and also fix all the dining room chairs; we did buy wonderful patio chairs and tables and brown umbrella….AND We bought a HARMONY wand for Den so it is easy to run the TV the CDs and blue ray…….we also had the roof de-mossed and the driveway power-washed. We won’t see the like of this year again! Thanks for helping us take it on and keep going. My daughter comes tomorrow with family so it will be fun to see her reaction(s)….

You sure made a difference to us; hope you are getting some mighty fine contracts for 2012….

Merry Merry

Barb + Dennis